Fatigue Management in the Mining Industry


Fatigue Management in the Mining Industry $99.00

Fatigue is a significant contributor to workplace incidents, accidents and deaths in mining workplace accidents all over Australia.

Reserve Group’s Fatigue Management in the Mining Industry course will teach you how to identify fatigue hazards and provides strategies for managing these. This course is specifically designed to address and manage the unique issues present in the mining industry such as fly-in fly-out and shift work.

We also learn how to recognise the symptoms of fatigue and act upon them to minimise the likelihood of an incident.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be issued with a Certificate of Participation by AVELING. Reserve Group presents this course in collaboration with AVELING, Registered Training Organisation Number 50503.

Please note:

  • This course is not intended for drivers and those working in the transport industry. Please enrol in Reserve Group’s Fatigue Management (Transport) course if this applies to you.

Topics covered

Course IntroductionTopic 1: What is fatigue, why must it be managed?
Section 1 – What is fatigue, why is it managed?
Section 2 – Why is sleep important?Topic 2: The circadian rhythm
Section 1 – The circadian rhythmTopic 3: Causes of fatigue and lifestyle factors
Section 1 – Getting enough sleep
Section 2 – Healthy lifestyle
Section 3 – Other factors which cause fatigue
Topic 4: Signs of fatigue and ways of managing it
Section 1 – Signs of fatigue
Section 2 – Rest optionsTopic 5: Legislation and fatigue management plans
Section 1 – Employer responsibilities for minimising workplace fatigue
Section 2 – Areas which may cause fatigue
Section 3 – Writing a Fatigue Management Plan
Section 4 – Applying fatigue management strategies in your job
Intended for

Employees, managers, contractors and subcontractors who work in the mining industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and identify fatigue hazards in the mining industry
  • Identify areas in the workplace which could cause fatigue
  • Recognise how workplace fatigue can be managed in the mining industry
  • Identify fatigue personal warning signs and take action to prevent fatigue causing an accident

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Upon successful completion of this course, you will be issued with a Certificate of Participation by AVELING. Reserve Group presents this course in collaboration with AVELING, Registered Training Organisation Number 50503.

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