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Labour Hire


Labour Hire

Reserve Group is committed to working with our customers to provide the highest quality results by assessing project demands and ensuring that we have the right resources at the right time. We are able to provide support for short or long-term vacancies in your operations or  management team. Reserve has access to competent and experienced people that can help you keep things operating smoothly during those periods of planned leave, increased production or even those unexpected staff vacancies. We can supply personnel to fill all positions from site administration through to the Senior Site Executive.  Our services include the supply of operational and specialist staff for major mining and industrial operations and construction projects.

Our services cover:

  • Project managers and site management.
  • Trade qualified electrical, instrumentation and mechanical personnel.
  • Boilermakers.
  • Fitters.
  • Construction staff.
  • Heavy mobile equipment operators including dozer, excavators, haul truck, graders, water cart, dragline, drills.
  • Qualified labour for coal process plant operations.
  • Site support services staff.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Officers.
  • Radiation Safety Officers.

Reserve Group ensures that the staff provided meets our clients’ needs by regular checks on staff performance and client team fit .

Reserve’s processes and infrastructure to support effective labour hire include:

  • A fully integrated recruitment tool that links to online recruitment services such as Seek and others.
  • Full screening and vetting of staff to meet client requirements.
  • Induction and prestart training.
  • Ongoing liaisons with clients on employee performances.
  • On site monitoring and supervision of employees
  • Reserve Group can also provide accommodation for our hired employees.

2011 Southern Bowen Basin

  • Reserve supplied all labour to man a PC5500 digger with an associated truck fleet and ancillary equipment.  Despite the boom market and adverse weather the project was commenced on time and has continued to perform at record  safety and production rates.  Reserve Support Services prides itself in supplying motivated people to our clients who assist to achieve our client’s organizational goals.

2009 Central Bowen Basin

  • Reserve simultaneously supplied labour to three mining projects totalling 180 personnel supplied within two months.  One project required 60 people to be on site within three weeks.  The Reserve team completed the assignment in 2.5 weeks.