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Support Services


Support Services

Resources Industry

Reserve Support Services Pty Ltd specialise in providing site operational services and the supply and management, of skilled personnel, in the construction, coal & metalliferous mining and mineral processing sectors, nation-wide.

Reserve consultants manage the full recruitment process for you and provide pre-screened candidates for all terms employment. We function as an extension of your business to find the right person.

We are renowned for our ability to source the right people, with the right skills, within the right time frame. Our comprehensive approach to recruitment involves matching a candidate’s personality and skill set to your work environment, ensuring successful placements, and minimising your employment-associated risks.

If you require information about nationally accredited and non-accredited training for the industrial and resources sectors visit our Reserve Training and Safety page



Services Including:

  • ­Shutdown and major maintenance work.
  • Preventative and ongoing maintenance.
  • ­Maintenance planning and condition monitoring.
  • ­Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance.
  • ­Plant maintenance including CHPPs, gas plants, water treatment plants,
    and other fixed plant maintenance.
  • ­Building, structures, plant and equipment maintenance services.
  • ­Well head and gathering system and equipment maintenance for gas fields.
  • Emergency and breakdown Support Services services.
  • ­Reporting on factors that are contributing to unexpected wear or failure and problem solving to rectify issues. Maintenance team managers have extensive experience in plant optimisation and operate efficient teams with the ability to carry out maintenance and corrective work without disrupting site operations.